CO2 Capture/Recovery

APBS-CDRMax Performance

  • High solvent stability
  • Low corrostivity
  • Parts per billions (ppb) levels solvent emissions
  • High achievable Co2 loading
  • Low regeneration energy requirement

Comparison with Other Co2 Capture Solvents:

Benefits Positive Impact
Drop In Replacement Drop-in-replacement of conventional solvent - like MEA or MDEA - at any site
+20% drop in thermal energy
Proven for power plants and boilers (gas and coal fired)
Lower corrosion & degradation 20 times less corrosion vs conventional solvent type chemicals
10 times less degradation
Lower/negligible waste solvent disposal costs
Reduced foaming, chemical make-up, and waste Less foaming leads to higher performance efficiency
~50% reduction in ongoing chemical requirement and waste disposal costs
Lower Aerosols Reduction in aerosols (micro chemical particles) emissions, exceeding environmental norms requirement
Easier environmental approval, better performance


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