Natural Gas CO2 Removal

Natural Gas Treating

Simplify CO2 Removal for Gas Processing.  Reduce Operating Expenses.


Improve the performance of your existing or new greenfield amine plant with the performance power of CarbEx-NG solvent. It makes life easier for operators by reducing solvent make-up and corrosion without having to add difficult to use additives. And it cuts operating expenses — like fuel and power — by 30% while reducing product losses and increasing operator exibility.


Simply put, acid gas removal is easier and less costly with CarbEx-NG solvent.  Ordinary solvents deliver ordinary results. CarbEx-NG is a performance solvent that delivers extraordinary results versus existing commodity solvents. 


Whether you're an equipment provider, EPC or end user, CarbEx-NG's enhanced performance will improve your business.


Higher Performance

  • Increased solvent loading
  • Minimal corrosion
  • Reduced reboiler and pump duty
  • Non-reactive with oxygen in feed
  • Delivers pipeline to LNG feed-quality natural gas

Lower Lifecycle Cost

  • Reduces capital costs by downsizing equipment
  • Reduces need for stainless steel
  • De-risks projects via better technical performance
  • Reduces downstream compression for acid gas reinjection or CO2 to EOR

Easy to Use

  • Drop-in replacements for existing solvents
  • No piperazine as additive
  • Reduced solvent make-up



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