New Asia Energy Leader Award

December 2017

CEO of Carbon Clean Solutions receives New Asia Energy Leader award
14 December 2017, London, UK – Aniruddha Sharma, CEO of Carbon Clean Solutions Limited (CCSL), a leader in CO2 separation technology, has been awarded the title of New Asia Energy Leader 2017 at the second Asia-Pacific Forum on low-carbon technology. 

The second Asia-Pacific Forum on Low-Carbon Technology, which took place from 29-30 November in Hunan Province, China, aimed to promote information sharing around the most advanced low carbon technologies, acting as a platform for the exchange of global, regional and country success stories on developing low carbon cities. It also aimed to encourage greater levels of investment in low carbon technologies.
Speaking at the event, Sharma said: “Low-cost, commercially competitive carbon capture technology is absolutely vital to tacking the challenge of climate change. But it must happen on a large scale if it is to work. It is my ambition to ensure this becomes a reality”.


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