CO2 Treating

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Carbon dioxide (CO2) and other impurities must be removed from renewable gas – like biomethane and landfill gas – to meet pipeline purity specifications. Deep Co2 removal is typically required to meet >96% methane concentrations for use as a fuel, for transportation as CNG, or LNG.

CCSL has actively deployed our Co2 capture technology into biogas treating applications for deep CO2 removal to reduce costs and facility downtime. As a further benefit, high purity CO2 separated from gas streams can be utilized in applications like enhanced oil recovery (EOR) or acid gas reinjection (AGR) to reduce faciilty emissions.





Drop In Solvent Replacement

No new equipment or process changes are required.  Our proprietary CarbEx solvent is a simple drop-in enhancement over current solvents, delivering better performance for high Co2 removal.


CarbEx solvent replacement

 Advantages vs. Generic Solvents

  1. Higher Co2 Loading.  Reduces solvent make up and pump recirculation rates for deep Co2 removal.
  2. Less Reactive with O2 in Feed.  Increasing solvent life and reducing corrosion.
  3. Higher Methane Selectivity.  Drives down hydrocarbon product losses.
  4. Direct Energy Savings.  Up to 30% reduction in thermal and power duties.
  5. Co2 Co-Product.  Higher purity Co2 co-product that can be recovered above atmospheric pressure.
  6. Reduced Downtime.  Less solvent foaming and significantly reduced corrosion.


Validation Points



Methane-loss <0.05%

30% lower energy consumption
Less Foaming
Electrical ~ 0.06 kWh/Nm³ raw biogas

20 times less corrosion

Thermal  ~ 0.44 kWh/Nm³  
Solvent life up to 3 years Use of different heat-sources possible
'Drop-in-replacement' Upgrading capacities from 250 up to 10,000 Nm³/h
Reacts only with H2S & CO2
Cheaper material of construction due to lower corrosion
Low generation-temperature  



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