We are a private and global company.

Headquarters: London, UK

Engineering Center: Mumbai, India

Research and Development Center: Sheffield, UK

Sales Offices: UK, Germany, India, United States


Company Timeline.

Founding, 2009 in the United Kingdom

Demonstration Projects, 2012-2017 in Western Europe, India, and North America

Commercial Projects, 2014-2018, Western Europe and India


Our Value Proposition:

To Reduce Operating Costs - we make plants operate more efficiently by driving down lifecycle costs of CO2 separation to increase on-stream rates while decreasing energy use
To Reduce Capital Costs - we reduce capital expenditures for process equipment by providing technology that shrinks the equipment footprint and reduces the need for higher cost stainless steel
To Reduce Emissions - we help industrial CO2 emitters reduce costs of CO2 capture to better convert stranded CO2 into useable products and reduce global carbon emissions
To Innovate - we are improving carbon capture and gas treating technology to reduce lifecycle costs and environmental impact