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CCS TGR (Top Gas Recycle)

Carbon dioxide capture technology developed by Carbon Clean Solutions (CCS) can be utilized in Iron & Steel industry for separating CO2. The Iron and Steel industry is the largest industrial source of CO2 emissions due to the energy intensity of steel production, its reliance on carbon-based fuels and reductants, and the large volume of steel produced. Iron is primarily produced in blast furnaces, in which coke, pulverised coal, sinter and bulk ore are heated to approximately 1500ÂșC. Carbon Clean Solutions is demonstrating the use of CCS-TGR technology to reduce direct emissions by upgrading low calorific value syngas from the iron production processes, such as the blast furnace and direct reduction of iron (DRI).


The most advanced potential CO2 capture technology for the iron and steel sector is the Top Gas Recycling Blast Furnace (TGR-BF). Blast furnace gases are rich in carbon monoxide and CO2. The TGR-BF process delivers energy savings as the recycling of the purified gas reduces the coke and coal consumption of the blast furnace.
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