Carbon Clean Solutions Limited (CCSL) has successfully innovated to commercialize breakthrough solvent chemistry for efficient carbon dioxide (CO2) capture. Our patented technology reduces the cost of CO2 capture by 40%, helping customers to decarbonize industries and reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions.


CCSL’s chemical-solvent based process can absorb CO2 from a variety of industrial gas streams. With a core focus on innovation and advancing technology through R&D partnerships with world leading research institutions, CCSL has established itself as a leader in commercializing advanced CO2 capture technology.

Advanced solvent development & optimization

  • High Pressure CO2 removal from natural gas processing

  • Intermediate pressue CO2 removal for syngas treating
  • Low Pressue CO2 removal for biogas upgrading
  • Optimization of low pressue CO2 capture from flue gases
  • Analysis of amine degradation to minimize formation of heat stable salts
cost of carbon capture