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APBS Technology
Carbon Clean Solutions’ APBS technology makes it practically possible to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from the flue gases of power plants and industrial utilities in a cost-effective and energy-efficient manner. Patented carbon capture technology developed by Carbon Clean Solutions, involves capturing carbon dioxide using proprietary regenerable solvent combined with a unique heat coupling method. The flue gas discharged from the chimney is extracted from the existing stack and fed to the CCS unit through a flue gas duct. After cleaning the gas, it is passed through an absorber for capturing CO2. The CO2 thus recovered can be used as a raw material for downstream industries.

Patented solvent and process configuration increases the efficiency of carbon capture and reduces the amount of energy required, thus, making CCS technology cost effective for power plants and industrial utilities. Following are the four major issues that surround CO2 capture technology solutions existing today:
    • High energy penalty.
    • High capital investment required.
    • Corrosive solvent.
    Degradation/loss of expensive solvent.
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