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Meth Pure (Biogas Purification)

Diverse feedstock such as domestic, industrial and agricultural waste can be fermented in digester to produce biogas. The gas mix contains useful methane, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. As the composition of these gases depends on the feed to the digester, methane content varies from 50 – 70% while remaining consists of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide.


Presence of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide makes biogas undesirable for its use in vehicular and power generation hence purification is needed. Carbon Clean Solutions offers its MethPure technology for biogas purification to remove unwanted gases without any measurable loss of methane in BioCNG. Sulfur produced from hydrogen sulfide and highly pure carbon dioxide adds to economical benefits. In comparison to other technologies such as Water Scrubbing and Pressure Swing adsorption, MethPure offers biogas purification with low operating cost and minimal effluent discharge.

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