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CDR Max Technology (Fertilizer Industry)

CDRMax┬« Technology is patented break through technology for the recovery of CO2 from flue gases of rotary kilns or reformers. Post combustion carbon capture technology developed by Carbon Clean Solutions is designed for more than 99% CO2 capture. The step-change process results in individual savings on capital and operating expenditure that are expected to be of the order of 20% and 30%, resulting from lower heats of dissociation, lower solvent degradation (therefore longer effective lifetime) and inexpensive material of construction due lower corrosive effect.

The flue gas is passed through a cyclic absorption / desorption process for capturing CO2. The CO2 thus recovered can be used as a raw material for downstream industries. Following process packages are offered:


Standard state of art CO2 capture process with low investment cost

b) An improved energy optimized CO2 capture process
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