Co2 Recovery

Market Driver

Co2 generated from industrial processes like chemicals, cement, and metals manufacture can be recovered for internal use or merchant sale.  With the right source available, industrial Co2 recovery can compete economically versus buying imported Co2 or eliminate the need for generating on-purpose Co2 from kilns. For manufacturers that consume Co2 in their processes, this means lower operating costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions – a win-win for both your bottom line and the environment!


Our CCS Solution

Recovery of industrial Co2 at low pressure can be achieved at lifecycle costs of <$40/metric ton. Typically >90% of the Co2 can be recovered and delivered at a purity of >99%.  This pure stream of Co2 can be utilized in industrial applications or further purified to make food and beverage quality Co2 for merchant sale.  Existing plants that generate significant quantities of flue gas or tail gas can be retrofit to recover and utilize Co2 while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon Capture Solution


Comparison with Other Technologies

Benefits Positive Impact
Drop In Replacement Drop-in-replacement of conventional solvent at any site
+20% drop in thermal energy
Proven for power plants and natural gas applications
Lower corrosion & degradation 20 times less corrosion vs conventional solvent type chemicals
10 times less degradation
Lower/negligible waste solvent disposal costs
Reduced foaming, chemical make-up and waste disposal No foaming leads to higher performance efficiency
~50% reduction in ongoing chemical requirement and waste disposal costs
Lower Aerosols Reduction in aerosols (micro chemical particles) emissions, exceeding environmental norms requirement
Easier environmental approval, better performance


This technology has been independently validated by a number of research and testing facilities.

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