Co2 Capture & Utilization

Market Driver

Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU) uses captured Co2 from industrial sources as feedstock to produce commercially viable products such as chemicals, bio-oils, materials, fuels, and for use in enhanced oil recovery. Significant R&D efforts and commercial programs are underway to reduce capture and conversion costs in order to develop more economic pathways for Co2 reuse. According to Co2 Sciences, by 2030 three gigatons per year of Co2 could be consumed into commercial applications like chemicals, materials, and fuels, thereby representing 10% of global energy-related emissions This would result in a $1 Trillion USD per year Co2-based products market and up to 10x growth in Co2 demand.  


Estimated potential Co2 use Million tons per year

Estimated Potential CO2 use

Source: Co2 Sciences

CCSL is focused on short term CCU while partnering for long term growth

Carbon Clea short term iCCU strategy


CCSL Solution

Conventional low pressue CO2 recovery

*Conventional low pressue CO2 recovery benchmark is a monoethanolamine (MEA) based chemical absorption process

Performance vs MEA: Greenfield Plant

Benefits Positive Impact

Energy of regeneration

40% less than MEA
Lean solvent flow rate

40% less than MEA solvent

New packing

30% less blower horsepower

Material of construction (MoC)

30% less capex due to CS use

Footprint and area

20% less due to smaller equipment

Patented design

10% further reduction in energy penalty

Innovative water wash section

“ppb” emissions of CDRMax solvent


Ion exchange / thermal re-claimer

Health and Safety Data

REACH & GHS complaint datasheet



carbon clean solution experience


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 Demo: 240 TPD at Technology Centre Mongstad  Pilot: 6.5 TPD at EON Benelux, Netherlands 

 10MW CO2 Capture to Chemicals Project in India